God is Able

On a recent trip to the beach, Creator God shouted this to my heart:  How do six seagulls fly in formation inches above the water, yet none of their wings touch the waves?  How do the tides come in and go out with such precision that their times are published in newspapers before I bring it to pass?  How do you know where to look in the sky for the sun to rise and then how does it rise at exactly the time predicted…day after day….year after year…..century after century?  I Am Creator God.  I Am mighty in power.  I Am sovereign over all that I have made.

Through the thunder of the waves and the beauty of the sunrise, I heard a still small voice that called for my help.  There are those that are spiritually wounded on the front lines of battle.  They desperately need help.  Will I be Jesus’ hands and feet?  Will I communicate God’s love and support in tangible ways?  Will I come along side the hurting in order to equip them to return to battle?

Although I have been called, I feel inadequate for the task before us.  Then the Lord reminded me of what He shouted to me on the beach.  If He can create birds to instinctively know how to fly low over the water, control the tides and rising and setting of the sun, then enabling the vision of Grace Valley Ministries to become a reality is not too difficult for Him!

There are two Scriptures the Lord has recently brought to my mind.  I John 5:14-15 states, This is the confidence we have in approaching God:  that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us.  And if we know that he hears us- whatever we ask- we know that we have what we asked of him.  In Luke 11:5-10, Jesus describes a man who went to his friend’s house to borrow some bread for another friend.  Although the neighbor was already in bed and did not want to get up, he did “because of the man’s boldness”.  The neighbor got up and gave him as much as he needed.

We can be bold and confident when we know God’s will because we know that our job is to ask and His job is to provide.  I know it is God’s will to minister to the spiritually wounded on the front lines of battle.  Phil and Sue have heard His call and have left all to come along side these servants of God.  Cheryl has heard His call to provide land.  Will I be a willing participant?  How about you?  Let’s boldly and confidently pray for the needed financial resources to bring this vision to reality.  Creator God owns it all!  Let us ask Him to provide what is needed in accordance with His will.  Please pray with us.  May we rejoice together as we see His plan unfold!  To God be the Glory!

In Him,


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Julie’s blog posts and devotionals are an extension of her journaling that begun after returning from a medical mission trip to Guyana, South America over 15 years ago. While “out of her comfort zone,” she heard the Lord speak very clearly. Upon returning, she yearned to discern His voice amidst the clamor of everyday life. Julie embarked upon a journey to listen and recorded spiritual insights gleaned from God’s Word in her journal. That journey continues today as she encourages and inspires others to listen and apply God’s truth.